Harvi Griffin – Phase Three

I was unaware who Harvi Griffin was when i purchased this. The clean monotone maroon cover featuring reversed blackletter grabbed my attention right away. I think blackletter (also referred to as gothic) is one of those typefaces that has almost too much inherent meaning. So often associated with death metal and anything evil (and sometimes with beer), it’s hard to use it in a different context.

Well…it is certainly used here in a different context. Flipping the record over to see what “Phase Three” is all about i realize that Harvi Griffin is a harp player. To be clear, not a mouth harp (aka harmonica), but a traditional harp (an angels instrument of choice). Digging into a few of his other records i find that this is not the first time he has used blackletter on his covers. Both “The Voice and Harp” and “The Other Side” use the same blackletter typeface.

Sonically this record doesn’t disappoint. His version of Send in the Clowns is fantastic and if i stumble across either of those other two records i’ll be sure to pick them up.

Front of Harvi Griffin Phase Three record sleeve typography

Reverse of Harvi Griffin Phase Three record sleeve typography

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