Judging a Record by its Cover

This is something i’ve wanted to do for a while.

One of my favourite things to do when record shopping is to buy a record sight unheard. I do this mostly with psychedelic records from the late 60s and early 70s. Beyond that era and genre, interesting typography will often seduce me. If the type is engaging (and the price is right…this always plays a factor too) chances are i’m buying the record.

I hope to make these weekly posts and showcase some of the examples of unique record typography from my collection.

Also, if i run out of examples it gives me a legitimate excuse to buy more records.

Starting things off with Anna Black. The lowercase “A” in her last name is what grabbed me here. By tucking it in the “L” the block of type retains a darker overall appearance. You lose that little blip of whitespace.

The reverse side features an Egyptian Slab which is kind of ubiquitous of the era but, damn, it looks so good.Anna_Black-Front-FEB2016Anna_Black-Back-FEB2016

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