Lego letterpress

About a year ago i took a letterpress class at Martha Street Studio (this is the same studio that i screen print at). i was stoked to finally get my hands dirty with lead type (little did i know that i would be diving headfirst into using Lego to letterpress).

A couple weeks into the class we looked at a book about alternate ways to use the press. One example in the book used Lego. This grabbed my attention for a couple reasons:
01/ i could prep my work outside of class
02/ it would have sort of a bitmap look when printed

The benefit of the first is that i could spend more class time printing. The benefit of the second point is that i felt that it was somewhat similar to morse code prints i had been screen printing.

For my first attempts at these prints i decided to focus on individual letters. The typeface i was basing them on was a blackletter face called Brea. If you follow that link you’ll see instantly why i used it. After doing a few letters of the alphabet in this typeface i realized that it was a little hard to read.

I decided to switch up the face, opting for Caslon’s Italian. For some reason i have been drawn to this typeface for the last 4 years or so, i’d love to find a use for it in a client project. Reversing the stress of a fat face (the thins become thick and vice versa) this is ideal for this kind of printing.

I hope to do the whole alphabet (at this point i’ve gotten as far as “J”) and sometime down the road i’ll put them up for sale. For now here’s the A,B,Cs…and a little detail. Photography courtesy of Cory Aronec Photography.


"C" detail
“C” detail

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