Strawbs – From the Witchwood

Sometimes it’s not just the typography, but the way the type works with an accompanying image. This is one of those times.

Red type with a black and white image is always great and in the case of the Strawbs From the Witchwood, the designer nailed it.

The tree in reverse silhouette creates a great area of whitespace to place the text. On this cover it’s likely ITC Bookman. I’m not certain what the typeface is here, it’s certainly a version of Bookman but not ITC Bookman (ITC Bookman was designed in 1975 by Ed Benguiat, four years after the release of this record).

I like that the designer showed restraint in the use of swashes. I feel that there’s often a tendency to use all the alternate characters available. (this is almost never successful and ends up cluttering the design). What the designer here has done is use a swash for the capitals and include one swash on the interior group of letters (with the exception of Strawbs where they conclude with a swash “s”).

The reverse of the record is pretty straight forward as far as typography goes. Once again, restraint. Just a listing of the tracks, using the same formula as the cover for the background image.Front cover typography of Strawbs "From the Witchwood"Strawbs_REVERSE

One final note on this album. It’s gatefold and the interior is a really nice compliment to the exterior.


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