Script of Helen Reddy – “Love Song for Jeffrey”

Following on the heels of the last post’s script, the script of Helen Reddy’s “Love Song for Jeffrey”.

Like most good script design, this one features lots of embellishments. I mean, whats the point of script if you don’t let it trail off or wander in different directions? Isn’t that the beauty of it?Detail script of Helen Reddy Love Song For Jeffrey

The way they have used the embellishment in the top left corner, along with the large drop shadow technique creates more of a mark, almost a sticker. This way the type sits more in the centre of the blue. There’s a nice composition going on here too with the blue of the album title being echoed in the lower right corner in Jeffrey’s shirt.

I sometimes wonder how intentional these things are. I know that in my work there are layers of intentionality that will never be noticed and then all of a sudden someone will point out something that i never intended but looks intentional. Happy accidents i guess.

The back of the LP repeats the same type treatment. Why wouldn’t you? I probably would have put it on the LP sticker too (it isn’t featured there i’m afraid).

Helen Reddy Love Song For Jeffrey record cover reverse

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