Jacques Brel – 67 (barclay script)

The beauty of this Jacques Brel record is in the Barclay script.

Jacques Brel 67 Canadian record cover

Jacques Brel 67 Album cover France versionLet’s start by looking at the cover in general. I really like the type in the upper left hand corner of the cover. I do wish they would have just used black for the “Brel” and the “67”. The “67” is a dark brown that’s so close to the black it might as well be black. Other versions of this Canadian cover don’t include the “67”. The French version is better in my opinion (it’s a monotoned image of his face with similar type treatments).


The beauty of the type on this record becomes more evident when you flip it over. The Barclay script is in the upper right corner and it’s completely beautiful. The gigantic brush strokes that form the “B” and end the “Y” contrasted with the thins of the rest of the letters is amazing. I would love to know who did this lettering and if that was typical of their style because to me it seems so unique.

Jacques Brel 67 Canadian record cover reverse




Barclay script logo

This Barclay script is also featured on the record label sticker. On the sticker the counter of the “B” is filled in. I can’t figure out why this would be (the counters in the two lower case “a” are still there so it can’t be from over inking). This is certainly going in my back pocket to use in future script work.

Jacques Brel 67 Canadian record label sticker

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