Market Lands graphics

The goal of this project was to create a visually compelling graphic to drive people to the Market Lands website. My aim was to design an engaging background that wouldn’t distract from the website URL. I wanted to focus on people but have an element of playfulness. I feel that the illustrations accomplish this goal. They also provide a level of engagement after you’ve digested the copy. You can stand at the sidewalk crossing, or sit in your car at a red light and look at all the little people. It reminds me of a Where’s Waldo.

The blue copy was originally pure Cyan. Unfortunately when paired with the illustrations the feel was too playful and juvenile. The final colour is almost the colour of blue found on lined paper. It lend a more serious tone and balances well with the tiny people.

The original type styling on the Market Lands URL was very ornate with a hand drawn inset drop shadow and full letter drop shadow. It was comprised of 3 different colours. The client thought that it was too busy and leaned towards illegible. The change was made to a bold condensed typeface called Kapra. Kapra features rounded corners which help to warm the letterforms just enough.

Full panel of Marketlands graphic

South hoarding wall of Market Lands graphic on Public Safety Building

South hoarding wall of Market Lands graphic

Market Lands banner on parkade

Market Lands signage

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