Still Life Paintings and Logos

I had no idea what to title this one so it’s just a straight description of what it is: a mash up of centuries old still life oil paintings and contemporary sports logos. To be clear, i’m not sure what the intended purpose of this is. I guess it’s just for fun and experimenting. Nothing wrong with that right?

I’m not sure how i arrived at this concept (who know where most of the things i dream up come from) but i really like the way they turned out. I think the detail of the paintings and the general simplicity of the logos play well together. One of the tricks to making these look good is to find two images that are really similar in tone. My first experiments used two very different images (One dark and one light). I found that the logo became too visible.

I like how some parts of the logo get obscured when the tone of the underlying image is similar to the top one. There are part of the image as a whole that catch your eye right away and you recognize the logo but other parts that meld together.


Flower Still life oil painting with Winnipeg Jets logo

Dead deer and Boar still life painting with Oakland Raiders logo

Flower still life oil painting with philadelphia flyers logo

Fruit and flower oil painting with Quebec Nordiques logo

Fruit and Flower oil painting with Hartford Whalers logo

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